Error in my lovely N73

I’ve used my N73 for 2 years… I’ve shared lots of memory with it…

Guess what?? Yesterday, I couldn’t create text message or receive incoming message..

Usually, in a day, i received at least 10 text messages. But yesterday, none of them reached my N73…

I tried to restart my N73, but…. it still failed to send a text message…

In a day, i just used my phone to make call, and made my bills raised high in a day.. Hikzzzzz….

Since i worked in a telecommunication co., this morning I checked it in our DB, but it was complete..

So… The error is in my N73…

Then, my friend suggested me to come to Nokia Care Center… I was so afraid that i lose my data..

Think… Think…. And think….

I have another SIM Card and another mobile phone…

I swap the SIM card, then…. Walla….

It work again!!!! Yatta!!!! 🙂


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