Jordan has lots to offer for tourism. Old city of Petra as one of 7 Wonders of The World is of course the main highlight. They also offer Dead Sea which offering floating sensation even for those who can’t swim. They also have city of mosaic; Madaba. Some ruins can also be found in Amman Citadel and Jerash. And they also offer the Bible version of Moses’ sanctuary; Mount Nebo. But since I only had limited time in Jordan, #AnthoJourney only focused on Petra and Dead Sea. For Petra part, I will tell you on a different posting once I get the mood for writing it. Hahaha. For now, I will tell about my experience in Dead Sea first.

It was a sunny Monday. Three travelers from Japan, 2 travelers from UK, a solo traveler from Canada and I started an early journey to Dead Sea. We used a shared trip offered by our hostel; Jordan Tower Hotel for 23 Jordanian dinar (JOD) each. It was only for the minivan though; not included the entrance fee. We made few stops in Mount Nebo and Madaba city before we reached Dead Sea. Though it was only short stops but we were glad that we could taste a bit of the historical sites. We also stopped at the panorama of Dead Sea where we could see Dead Sea from a far. The journey got closer when we reached panorama of Dead Sea. Our driver then gave us some choices about Dead Sea entrances. Yes, we can enter Dead Sea from lots of entrances. Since we wanted to save money, we agreed to enter from Dead Sea Spa Hotel. We paid 28JOD and it was including a buffet lunch. It was the cheapest we could get. Huft

Magical view :D

Magical view 😀

Not long after we changed clothes, we walked down the edges of the Dead Sea at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel. The beach was surprisingly un-crowded. Most of them were foreigners. Local people preferred to swim in swimming pool rather than in the Dead Sea. I looked at the rather comical scenes along the shore. People were floating on their backs in the lake whilst on the shore, others were slapping hands-full of mud onto their bodies. This is what makes the Dead Sea so special. Its salinity is so dense. It makes you float and has therapeutic qualities. The water and mud of the Dead Sea have been recognized for their healing properties since Biblical times. I asked my fellow Canadian traveler to rub some famous Dead Sea muds all over my body first to exfoliate and then going for a dip in the sea. Then I felt like a pig! Hahaha

Like a native American :p

Like a native American :p

It didn’t take a long time to dry-off the muds in the middle of hot weather. I took steps closer to the shore. When I first stepped into the Dead Sea, I had no clue what I was supposed to do. I wandered out till the water was at my neck and instinctually began treading water. How to get from there to floating? “Just lay back,” my friends shouted. I followed their advice and just leaned back as my arms waved around trying to keep myself afloat. And voila, I floated! It was awesome! I kept reminded myself “You’re in the saltiest body of water in the world. You definitely do not want to get any of this stuff in your eyes or mouth”. As some warnings said that I can’t take too long in Dead Sea, I rinsed myself on the showers then swam in the swimming pool.

Floating with friends

Floating with friends



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