Last year, I attended Halloween Horror Nights 3 in Universal Studio Singapore (USS). You can read my experience here. It was quite terrifying and made me scare to death. This year I planned to fly to Singapore again to attend Halloween Horror Nights 4 (HHN4). The theme for HHN4 was Demoncrazy. When I saw the publicity from Resort World Sentosa, it said there would be 4 haunted houses, while last year only had 3. I got thrilled because I thought it would be scarier!

The Minister of Evil

The Minister of Evil

For avoiding hassle and queue, I always bought online ticket for USS, HHN or Trick Eye Museum. Nonetheless, according to my experience last year I didn’t see long queue in the ticket sales, so I planned to buy the ticket on the spot. Well ya, it was my luck for not buying online ticket, a week before the date @arievrahman held a competition with 2 tickets for HHN4 as a prize. The participants only needed to post their scariest photo and mention @rwsentosaID. Nothing to lose, I posted last year photo in HHN3. Shortly, I won the competition!! Yay!!! Saving 68 SGD I could use for a little shopping in Singapore. Hahaha. I asked a friend of mine to accompany me to this event and she was OK with it though she was not a horror-mania.

By my experience from last year, I had a trick of my own for this HHN4. Hehehe. I told my friend to run as fast as she can to the nearest haunted house which was Jack 3Dementia right after the opening show finished. As for Scare Zones, I told her we would stop and took photos with the scare actors after we finished all 4 haunted houses. HHN4 opened by performance showing how evil the minister was. As planned, 15 minutes after the opening act, we run directly to the first haunted house. Guess what? We were on the front line! The staff handed 3D glasses before we entered. My heart beat faster. With my friend held my hand behind my back, we entered the house. Scary clowns appeared one after another. The 3D effect was great! It felt so real. As for me it was not that scary because it was too bright for spooky place with the 3D effect. Hehehe. Yet, for my friend she screamed like all the time in the haunted house. Hahaha

Jing's Revenge

Jing’s Revenge

Then, we headed to the 2nd haunted house nearby; Jing’s Revenge. Actually, it’s not a haunted house but a haunted school. We were brought to an abandoned school with ghosts of teachers and students. The scariest part of this haunted school was the toilet. The design and ornaments were so damn real! With maggots and shits all over the place made it even creepily cooler. We didn’t want to waste time, so we run to the 3rd haunted house located in Jurassic Park area. This haunted house called Mati Camp. We had to queue a bit here for around 30 minutes. Its setting was a soldier camp. We were welcomed with some kind of Evil General in front of the camp building. Lots of death soldiers tried to scare us, especially when the actors found out that the girl who’s with me was a scaredy-cat. Hahaha. The situation was getting spooky and tense when we entered the ward. The beds with its mosquito nets were moving all over the room. It reminded me of last year haunted house setting; Song of The Death. Around 9pm, we finished 3 haunted houses; still one more to go.

Mati Camp

Mati Camp

The L.A.B

The L.A.B

For the last haunted, we thought that the queue was not so long, yet we had to queue for 3 hours! Hahaha. My feet were so numb when we reached the front line for the haunted house called The L.A.B. Its setting was a laboratory for aliens. We could see aliens in many forms. For a long queue, I thought the haunted house would be the scariest of all four. My queue time for this haunted house was the same with my queue time for the Possession last year. Possession was the scariest of all three last year, whereas The L.A.B was like anti-climax of all 4 haunted houses this year. Maybe if we did it The L.A.B first it would be different. Hehehe. It was around 12pm when we finished, yet we hadn’t enjoyed the Scare Zones. We headed back our trail to Scary Tales where we could see Rapunzel with her baldhead and people tangled up by her hair. We could see also Little Red Riding Hood turned into evil. Then we continued our journey to The Canyon of The Dead where lies death Indians and cowboys. As we were already exhausted, we hurried our steps to Demoncrazy area where New York City became chaos and Liberty Statue were scattered all over the place. Bogeyman area lies on an alley where the ghosts from our childhood became real.

Scare Actors

Scare Actors

For me, HHN3 was scarier than HHN4 especially the haunted houses. I loved all 3 haunted houses in HHN3 – Adrift, Song of The Death and Possession. Although there was an addition for haunted house in HHN4, but it was not scary enough. They only gave us slightly innovation for haunted house using 3D technology! I only loved Jing’s Revenge and Mati Camp. Well, it was just my opinion. You could try by yourself and tell me if I was wrong. 😀

The Zombie Wanted To Eat Me :D

The Zombie Wanted To Eat Me 😀



    • Halo Mbak Lia! *ikutan pake tanda seru*
      Makasih ya Mbak udah mampir nanti saya mampir jg ke blognya deh 🙂
      Makasih jg udah dibilang keren. Padahal mah biasa aja. Hehehe
      Open trip? Dulu sering banget bikin. Tp ke sini lg malas. Hihihi

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