Out of nowhere, an idea of traveling came into my mind. Since I have run out of annual leave, this traveling needed to be done in a weekend. I used to call it a weekend getaway. Usually, I went to beaches for a weekend getaway but this time I wanted to do caving. Dunno, maybe cavemen just whispered me. Hahaha. The cave that interest me is located in my parent’s hometown; Jogjakarta. Jogjakarta isn’t too far from Jakarta. I can use a night train on Friday and arrive on Saturday morning. The cave was named Jomblang cave. Actually, there are two caves; the Jomblang cave which is a vertical cave with a forest manifestation covering a diameter of 60 meters and the Grubug cave where the eternal darkness you get to see rays of light.

About Jomblang Cave

About Jomblang Cave

The preparation for this trip was buying return train ticket Jakarta-Jogjakarta. I also invited several friends to join this trip to make it cheaper. Sadly, up until the due date, only two female warriors joined this trip. LOL. We arrived in Tugu Train Station and headed directly to Wonosari. We rented a car for the whole day. We paid for 550.000Rupiahs including driver and gas. We did this just to make ourselves as comfortable as possible. To reach Jomblang Cave using public transportation, you can take a bus Jogjakarta-Wonosari from Giwangan Bus Station and drop off in Semanu village. From there, you can ask the operator to pick you up. It took almost two hours to reach Wonosari from Jogjakarta because we made stop for breakfast first. Hehehe. After we reached Semanu, there were no clear sign to reach Jomblang Cave. We had to call Mr Cahyo as our contact person for Jomblang Cave several times. Hahaha. After a bumpy road where we only could see rocks and some trees. We reached the place around 10 am.


The entrance

I'm ready!

I’m ready!

Pak Budi, person in-charge that day, told us that we had to wait until 11 am to start the exploration. Why? Because the best time when the ray of light in Jomblang Cave reached its maximum at around 12 pm. The other reason was we had to wait for other cavers who would be joined us that day. Hahaha. We took this time to rest because we lack of sleep during our journey in the train from Jakarta. They served hot tea while we were waiting. Before leaving for Jomblang Cave, several guides fixed single rope technique (SRT) sets on participants while describing the functions of the respective devices. The participants also got dressed in boots, helmets and headlamps. We had to ascend 60 meters into the hole; down into the jungle below. It would have been a very frightening 60 meter drop if it wasn’t handled professionally by the cave operator. They dropped two persons in a single drop-off and I was the first one to go down. Lucky me! Then after having everyone down, we headed through 300 meter darkness leading to Grubug Cave where the famous ray of light a.k.a light from heaven lies. Not only dark, the path was also muddy. It was said that long time ago, it was an underground river. Well, only God knows. Hehe.


Dark Path

Light after the dark

Light after the dark

The ray of lights was so beautiful. Everyone took its pictures including me. We also took our silhouette with the ray of light as our background. Though in the end we couldn’t identify this picture were us. Hahaha. I also climbed up to the big rock in the middle of this cave. After satisfied ourselves with beautiful pictures, we gave other cavers the opportunity to take pictures. They were a group of photographers. But alas, few minutes after their model – beautiful one acting as Lara Croft – stood on the big rock, the ray of light suddenly vanished! We felt guilty them but felt lucky that we were the first group reached the cave. LOL. Then we headed to the drop-off area and asked the guide to take us up. We took a shower and continued with eating lunch which was included in our 450.000Rupiahs for this caving. Yes, it was expensive. That’s why Jomblang Cave is not as famous as other caves in Gunung Kidul area. For those who want to taste the adrenaline in Jomblang Cave, you can contact Pak Cahyo Alkantana (+62811117010).






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