Me..Myself…And I

An enjoyneer. Amateur photographer. Full time traveler (in life). Sushi addict. Chocolate maniac. Family man. Beach lover. Underwater junkie!


14 responses to “Me..Myself…And I

  1. Hey.. such a cool blog, like it so much!
    I love travelling n photography as well, but always be a “beginner”, hehe… *ga improve-2 kemampuannya :p*
    Keep writing n sharing your travel experiences… n btw, i just put this blog in my bookmark lists 🙂


    • thanks a bunch mbak Yati for visiting my blog.. :*
      your blog is nice, but not updated since 2009? 😦

    • makasih udah mampi2 mbak..
      bagus mbak klo ud mulai ngebolang, ada bbrp tmn malah baru niat…hehhee

  2. Hai mas liat fotonya yg ladakh, kebetulan november nanti mo ke india cuma 9 hari sih turun dijaipur pulang lwt amritsar…kalo sempetin ke ladakh kira kira cukup nga mas waktunya?

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